Grabbing an number from a URL in Selenium IDE

I came across an issue during my testing where I had a URL that contained a company ID number that I would need later on in the testing. Here is how I ended up storing it:

URL: <a href=”/admin/companies/edit/6“>View</a>

I need the 6 from that URL to be stored as a variable called “companyid”.

First thing I did was store the URL:

storeAttribute | link=View@href | viewLink

Then to verify I had it right:

echo | ${viewLink} |

Now that I have the link stored, lets use some regex to pull the number out:

storeEval | new RegExp(‘([0-9]+)’).exec(‘${viewLink}’)[1] | companyid

And verify:

echo | ${companyid}

Hope that helps!

Monolithic Apps vs Microservices

This is an interesting discussion regarding Monolithic Apps Vs. Microservices. Having recent experience with microservices (or really just SOA) I can definitely see where it can be more development overhead, which I am not sure was mentioned…

 Etsy also serves as a fine example of how to build a great site and do things right: continuous integration; per developer VMs; push button deployment; good monitoring; developers deploy to the site on the first day; GitHub; Chef; IRC to control releases; dashboards; and they do not use source code control branches, effectively always deploying from the main branch.